The big question. Who Am I?                                                …. UPDATED August 4, 2016  ….

聽I will start with my name, which people often find odd. ‘Harsh’ is an ancient Sanskrit word that translates to something akin to ‘bringer of joy’. It’s essentially the opposite connotation and sentiment of what it means in English.

I am the following:

thinker, gamer, analyst, writer, philosopher, science nerd, history nerd, joker (I enjoy busting chops & joking), Los Angeles Lakers fan (NBA basketball), Indianapolis Colts fan (NFL football), Rutgers fan/alumni, avid reader, IT major, cultural anthropologist minor, movie enthusiast, writer, troubleshooter, theorist, introvert, socially awkward, kid for life, and so on.

I am an Information Technology (IT) graduate from Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA. Quick back story – I moved to the USA from India at a very young age. I became acclimated to a different social environment and learned English. In high school, I developed my foundation and basic knowledge of the world, polished further as a person, and was introduced to different general fields of study. I grew as a person in college and gained essential skills – IT skills within my major and other skills that high school was not designed for. I faced lots of troubling challenges and battles along the way (who doesn’t?). The people I met along the way, from family members, classmates, teachers, professors, and friends, were essential in helping guide me to become the person I am today. As you may have noticed by now, education has always been at the top of my list.

That is pretty much the important things about me in a nutshell.