The big question. Who Am I?                                                …. UPDATED August 4, 2016  ….


I am the following:

a thinker,   a gamer,   an analyst,   a philosopher,   a science nerd,   a history nerd,    a joker (I enjoy busting chops & joking),   a Lakers fan (NBA basketball),   a Colts fan (NFL football),   a Rutgers fan/alumni,   an avid reader,   an IT major,   a cultural anthropologist minor,   a movie enthusiast,   a writer,   a troubleshooter,   a theorist,   an introvert,   socially awkward,   kid for life, and so on.

I am an Information Technology (IT) graduate from Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA. Quick back story – I moved to the USA from India when I was in third grade. I went through Elementary school, where I became acclimated to a different social environment and learned English. Middle-school was where I developed my foundation and basic knowledge of the world. High-school took me a notch further. It was where I developed & polished further as a person and was introduced to different general fields of study. I grew as a person in college and gained essential skills (IT skills within my major and other skills & advanced knowledge that high school was not designed for). The people I met along the way, from family members, classmates, teachers, professors, and friends, were essential in helping guide me to become the person I am today. As you may have noticed by now, education has always been at the top of my list.

That is pretty much me in a nutshell.